Federal Tort Claims Act

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The Federal Tort Claims Act covers personal injury and wrongful death claims against many, but not all, government agencies, including military and veterans hospitals. If you have an injury claim that might fall under the Federal Tort Claims Act, you need an experienced lawyer to handle your case through the mandatory administrative claim procedure and through litigation and trial in the proper federal court, if necessary.

Attorney John Merting has experience in federal courts, having handled many personal injury claims against the government, as well as medical negligence claims against military and veterans' hospitals. Mr. Merting will speak with you personally about your situation at no charge, and, if he takes your case, he will charge nothing until you receive a settlement or verdict.

The Federal Tort Claims Act

Before the Federal Tort Claims Act was established, the Federal Government claimed immunity from any lawsuits concerning injuries caused by federal employees in the course of their work. Because this immunity caused many injustices and abuses, the Federal Tort Claims Act was established to hold governmental agencies responsible for the actions of their employees.

A lawyer can file a Federal Tort claim in either the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred or where the injured person lives. Attorney Merting has handled many claims in federal courts through Florida; he can take cases originating in other states, provided that his clients are Florida residents. Mr. Merting has established relationships with other attorneys throughout the nation who specialize in handling Federal Tort Claims. Please call or email to discuss your potential claims aginst the Federal Government. He can also take legal malpractice claims on behalf of clients whose previous lawyers may have mishandled their Federal Tort Claim matters.

Long established U.S. Supreme Court precedent precludes these claims by active duty military members, however, spouses and children of active military may have claims, as may retired military members. Most claims have a two year statute of limitations within which a proper administrative claim must be filed. If denied, suit must be filed within six months. Delay in consulting an attorney knowledgeable in Federal Tort Claims like Mr. Merting could cause you to lose your claim.

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Mr. Merting has over 40 years of experience handling all types of serious injury claims at both the administrative and trial levels. He has the expertise and resources to handle many kinds of injury litigation, from wrongful death to catastrophic injury.

If you believe you have a Federal Tort Claims Act case, please contact attorney John Merting today. From law offices near Pensacola, Florida, Mr. Merting represents clients nationwide and throughout the world who have been injured due to the negligence of federal employees.

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