Hurt In A Boating, Jet Ski Or Diving Accident? We Will Advocate For You.

Recreational boating and diving accidents occur more often than you think. And when they happen, they can lead to serious and catastrophic injuries to those involved. If you've been injured due to someone's negligence, it's critical to retain an experienced, aggressive and effective attorney. With more than 40 years of experience in personal injury and maritime law, the Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A., of Gulf Breeze, Florida, has the knowledge to help you and your family overcome such a challenging situation.

Attorney John Merting can help the families of people who have suffered a catastrophic injury or wrongful death in a recreational boating or diving accident. Mr. Merting has helped hundreds of clients receive the compensation they deserve for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages. Our firm works on a contingency basis. If we don't obtain a settlement for you, you do not have to pay anything. For a free consultation, contact us at 866-416-4412.

Representing People Injured In Recreational Boating/Diving Accidents

Our team is detail-oriented, personable and result-driven. When we represent you, we consult medical professionals, accident investigators and safety experts to determine negligence on the part of other boaters, their owners, or boat or personal watercraft rental operations. We interview witnesses to determine if excessive speed, alcohol, or right of way violations were involved in causing the accident. We work on injury-related cases involving:

  • Cruise ships
  • Private or rented personal watercraft such as a Jet Ski
  • Diving injuries.

Many collisions involving boats or personal watercraft lead to serious injuries and even death by drowning. Such cases should only be entrusted to the most experienced maritime attorneys such as Mr. Merting.

Experienced Boater, Empathetic Legal Counsel

An avid recreational boater, Mr. Merting understands the pleasure and risks in such an activity. That's why it's crucial to focus on safety. But injuries do occur, sometimes due to someone's negligence. If you're injured on our oceans, rivers and lakes, you need a solid lawyer who will advocate for you. The Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A., has more than 40 years of experience dealing with personal injury and maritime law cases. We are knowledgeable, dependable, compassionate and aggressive. For a free consultation, call us today at 866-416-4412.