Meet Attorney John W. Merting

Attorney John Merting

John Merting is only the second plaintiff's lawyer to be elected chairman of the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute, and has been invited to join the Academy of Trial Advocacy (formerly Academy of Catastrophic Injury Attorneys), an organization of less than 300 lawyers selected nationwide. Mr. Merting has also received an award from the Florida Bar Association for his pro bono work.

Mr. Merting has successfully mediated many maritime claims. Some have been complex maritime litigation involving as many as six parties. Others include a triple death suit filed in federal court, amputation claims, and other serious injury claims, both pre-suit and after extensive litigation.

Mr. Merting's over 40 years of maritime and personal injury practice, during which he has mediated close to a thousand claims as the attorney for the claimants, provides substantial background and experience for his role as mediator.

Attorneys are requested to contact Mr. Merting should they have maritime claims that might benefit from having a mediator with Mr. Merting's many years of mediation experience.

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