It has been impossible to escape the headlines all across the country in the last few days. Jose Fernandez, one of the great young pitchers in baseball for the Miami Marlins, died in a boating accident last weekend. The 24-year-old was on a recreational boat with two other people when the boat struck a jetty. All three people on the boat were killed in the accident. The crash is under investigation, and at this time it is unknown if alcohol was involved in the crash, though initial reports indicate that it was not involved.

The tragedy has been difficult for Florida residents to cope with, as well as Cuban-Americans, Cubans and many baseball fans. Fernandez was a Cuban defector who was known for his exuberance, excitement, and unflappable smile out on the baseball diamond.

As with any tragedy, this incident will make people think about boating accidents and boating safety. The spotlight will shine bright, as it always does when something unfortunate and heartbreaking does. In this particular case, investigators will be looking to see if the driver of the boat was negligent in any way. There are reports that speeding may have been involved in the boat crash.

Boating accidents can cause people terrible injuries or in the worst case scenario, such as this story, people can lose their lives. Boating accidents are no joke, and the victims of the accidents (and their loved ones) deserve transparency during the course of the investigation and justice after it if negligence or recklessness is discovered.

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Source: Washington Post, “Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez dies in boat crash,” Sept. 25, 2016