Foreign liquids spilled on the ground, unsafe working conditions and negligence by an employer are not factors that are limited to land. These factors can take hold at sea, and they can leave people with serious injuries and debilitating circumstances. Seamen, commercial fishermen, offshore workers and many other people who work under maritime laws have rights that protect them when these conditions arise and they are also covered by federal laws. Given the dangers of their work, these laws are the least that could be provided to help them in their times of need.

Getting more to the point: maritime workers are covered under federal law in regards to “maintenance and cure.” When a maritime worker is injured, they are entitled to daily room and board expenses by their employer until their maximum medical recovery is reached. In addition, their medical expenses can be covered. Maintenance and cure essentially acts as workers’ compensation, which does not extend beyond the boundaries of land-based employees.

There is also the Jones Act, which allows an injured maritime employee to sue his or her employer if they are negligent. Compensation can be earned to cover current and future medical expenses, as well as for lost income and personal pain and suffering as a result of the injuries.

Have you been injured as a result of your maritime employer’s negligence? Then you should consult with an attorney to ensure your case is handled properly. At The Law Office of John W. Merting, we have over 40 years of experience helping maritime workers recoup financial losses after they were injured due to their employer’s recklessness and irresponsible actions.