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October 2016 Archives

Determining liability in cruise ship accidents

Going on a cruise is a dream vacation for most people. But not every cruise trip turns out the way you imagine. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances or downright negligent circumstances that cause serious injuries to innocent passengers or even cruise ship workers.

On tug boat accidents and why they pose serious risks

A tug boat may not have an intimidating name, but the name belies the power of this vessel. Tug boats operate with incredible horsepower and they can generate a lot of power -- mainly because they have to. A tug boat has to be able to pull much larger and heavier boats in to harbors and docks. This wouldn't be possible without tons of horsepower, a lot of heavy rope and a crew to ensure that entire process goes smoothly.

Why You Should Wait to Sign an Incident Report after a Maritime Accident

On the surface, maritime accident reports may seem simple and straightforward. You may give a statement of what happened and sign the paperwork. However, sometimes there's more information hidden beneath the surface of the report: information that has been disguised to look blameless, but is ultimately harmful to the workers affected in the accident.

Miraculously, no one hurt in recreational boating accident

The following recreational boat accident didn't happen here in Florida, but given the circumstances of the accident, there are lessons to be learned regardless of location. In this accident, a man and his two children were on a recreational boat. They were bringing the boat back in to the harbor where the vessel needs to be docked. However, on their approach, they streamed through a surfing area and caught a wave.

Shipyards are dangerous and workers can suffer serious injuries

If you have ever been to a shipyard, you know just how dangerous it can be. There are large, looming ships everywhere. There are powerful pieces of machinery all around you. There is heavy rope; anchors and supplies; dangerous tools and, of course, the ocean depths; and generally speaking, the entire area poses significant risks if you don't have experience working there.

Offshore drilling accident: Are you covered under maritime law?

On April 20, 2010, a horrible tragedy occurred in the Gulf Coast, just off the shores of Louisiana. It was one of our country's worst offshore disasters, causing over 3 million barrels of crude oil to spill and the rig to sink. The devastation to wildlife, beaches and wetlands spanned across coastlines from Texas to Florida where balls of tar can still be found on beaches. Seafood processing plants and restaurants also continue to work towards recovery. Many know about this as the BP oil spill, others know it as the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

Cruise ship accident claims second life

An accident aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship has caused its second death after one of the people affected by the accident died in an intensive care unit in Florida recently. The Norwegian Breakaway was the name of the vessel in question, and according to our source article, a life boat fell off the side of the vessel and struck a group of people. One person was killed, and now a second life has been claimed. Details were scarce, but there will be a lot of questions about the safety of the Norwegian Breakaway.

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