The following recreational boat accident didn’t happen here in Florida, but given the circumstances of the accident, there are lessons to be learned regardless of location. In this accident, a man and his two children were on a recreational boat. They were bringing the boat back in to the harbor where the vessel needs to be docked. However, on their approach, they streamed through a surfing area and caught a wave.

The whole ordeal was caught on video, which you can see in our source article. The boat is in the breaking wave until it eventually tips over in front of a number of surfers. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and everyone survived. Thankfully the surfers were swift with the reactions, getting to the boat and helping the children and their father escape the wreck safely.

The boating accident is under investigation, and as you will see in the video, it appears quite suspicious. It certainly seems like the boater was acting recklessly, as it appears to be an intentional decision to ride the wave with his boat.

Regardless, it is not often we get to celebrate a boating accident by seeing the people involved make it out of the accident unhurt — while also praising the tremendous reactions of some Good Samaritans. So we should savor that, at least.

But there are still legitimate legal concerns here. For example, later in the video in our source article, a harbor employee mentions that the boater was using an illegal route to enter the harbor. In addition, depending on the results of the investigation, the boater could be found negligent in his actions.

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Source: KTLA, “Surfers Rescue 2 Children After Boat Capsizes in Ventura Harbor,” Chris Wolfe and Melissa Pamer, Oct. 15, 2016