A tug boat may not have an intimidating name, but the name belies the power of this vessel. Tug boats operate with incredible horsepower and they can generate a lot of power — mainly because they have to. A tug boat has to be able to pull much larger and heavier boats in to harbors and docks. This wouldn’t be possible without tons of horsepower, a lot of heavy rope and a crew to ensure that entire process goes smoothly.

As with anything that involves a lot of power or large vehicles, though, operating a tug boat or being a part of a tug boat crew is dangerous. Given the incredible forces at play when a tug boat is in operation, any mistake or dangerous condition can lead to a crew member suffering horrible, even fatal, injuries that completely change their life or take it away completely.

With more than 40 years dealing with admiralty law, maritime law and tug boat accidents, the Law Offices of John W. Merting are uniquely qualified to help people who work on tug boats or have been affected by tug boat accidents. We can help people who have suffered injuries due to a slippery deck; who have been hurt due to equipment failure; or have suffered as a result of poor safety procedures or an inadequate training system.

If you or a loved one has been negatively affected as a result of a tug boat accident or the failed safety measures of an employer, then consult with us as soon as possible.