Last week, there were reports coming out of Azerbaijan that an oil rig accident had claimed the life of at least one worker and that nine others fell into the sea after the collapse of part o the rig. Part of the platform broke off in extremely high winds (90 miles per hour) leading to five people who were working on that particular area falling off the rig. Another five people were in a nearby cabin, according to the report, which fell as a result of the collapse as well.

It doesn’t matter where this occurred, because it is an example of the dangers that all oil rig workers face anywhere in the world. These are usually large structures that are in the open ocean, where powerful weather systems and precarious heights can lead to unfortunate outcomes.

In addition, oil rigs have powerful equipment and heavy machinery and objects on them that can cause accidents. If workers or third party individuals aren’t trained properly and they make a mistake that injures or kills someone, there could be legal ramifications for the company that trained them. There could also be safety regulations that were violated in an oil rig accident. It is unclear if any of these circumstances were involved in the Azerbaijan oil rig accident.

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Source: Associated Press, “1 dead, 9 missing in Azerbaijan offshore oil rig accident,” Dec. 15, 2016