Cruise ship accidents can happen under a variety of circumstances and can affect a number of different people. Passengers can be affected by dangerous conditions; crew members can be hurt due to negligent standards or non-compliance with safety standards; and the ship itself can crash as a result of operator error or a technical malfunction with the ship itself. These are just three factors that can be involved in any cruise ship accident.

Today, we’re going to focus in on the types of injuries that can occur on a cruise ship and how the victims of these injuries need to consider their legal options going forward:

  • Slip and fall accidents are common on cruise ships. Spilled drinks, leaky pipes and sea water can cause dangerous, slippery conditions on the deck. Most people aren’t familiar or experienced with being on a boat or ship, and combined with wet or dangerous conditions, this can lead to slip and falls that cause serious injuries.
  • Fatal accidents or even people falling overboard can occur on cruise ships. These are tragedies, and there will be many questions about the safety standards of the vessel in the wake of such an event.
  • Assault or other crimes can also occur. When you are in a confined space such as a cruise ship, sometimes tensions can boil over and physical altercations can occur. These crimes need to be fully investigated, and the cruise ship owner or operator may be liable depending on the circumstances.

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