Imagine that you work on a ship, vessel, oil rig or other maritime structure. Many days will go exactly as you and your employer plan. But every once in awhile, the expectations of the day aren’t fulfilled because of a dangerous condition on the vessel or structure. Maybe a mechanical failure caused serious injuries to workers; or a wet substance caused someone to slip and fall; or just an obvious dangerous condition left someone in severe pain.

These conditions happen on land too, but on land you have to prove an extensive amount of information before your claim is accepted. On the water, there are less restrictions in this regard because of strict liability. Basically this means you don’t have to prove that your employer knew about a dangerous condition for them to be liable.

This falls under the “unseaworthiness” claim, an allegation that says a ship, vessel or maritime structure was unsafe due to a dangerous condition, and someone suffered injuries as a result of the unseaworthy state. In the wake of an injury at sea due to an employer’s negligence, many workers will be scrambling to protect their rights and ensure that they are justly compensated for the incident they had to endure.

Many of these individuals will need legal help to ensure their case is gone about in the right way, and at The Law Offices of John W. Merting, we can help any mariners, seamen, crewmen and other maritime workers with their unseaworthy or Jones Act claims.