A day out on a yacht sounds like paradise. It almost seems like a luxurious vacation day that could only happen in a movie. And yet, there are plenty of people all across Florida that own yachts and treat their friends and loved ones to a day out on their vessel. As pristine as these yachts may seem, they can also cause problems for innocent people if an accident occurs.

Yacht owners are responsible for their yachts and the safety of the people on their vessel. They need to make sure that their yacht is compliant with maritime law, and they need to ensure that their passengers are protected from dangerous conditions on the vessel, such as slippery surfaces.

People can suffer terrible, even fatal injuries due to a yacht accident. They can fall overboard and drown. They can fall on the deck and severely injure themselves. Machinery can malfunction, dealing serious injuries to individuals on the boat. All of these circumstances fall within the scope of yacht accidents, and the yacht owner can be held responsible for the accident.

This is a deep topic that can have a lot of different aspects to it in any given case. There is also a lot of evidence that needs to be investigated if a victim of a yacht accident is considering litigation. Witnesses need to be questioned, evidence needs to be gathered and verified, and the scene itself needs to be thoroughly examined. At the Law Offices of John W. Merting, we can help with all of these factors and aid people who are filing a legal claim as a result of a yacht accident.