About a month ago we wrote a post about college fishing teammates for the University of Florida surviving a scary-looking recreational boat accident after a mechanical failure tossed them into the water. Today, we have another recreational boating accident that occurred in Florida that ended happily. This story involves a boating accident that occurred off the shore of Naples, Florida.

A family of five — including 8-year-old triplets — were saved by retired police officers when their ship suddenly started taking on water and sank. They were able to send a few quick transmissions over the radio, but they never gave a specific location in the brief time they had to alert others to their emergency. The retired police officers overheard their messages, pointed their boat in a direction that seemed likely given the little information that was provided, and got lucky.

The five people were holding on to a cooler when the boat came to rescue them. They have been in the water for nearly 40 minutes by that time, with water temperatures hovering around 67 degrees. When the retired police officers got them on board, they covered the five people in blankets to help them get warm.

Recreational boating in Florida is a massive hobby that many people enjoy — but it is also very dangerous. Ocean waves and currents are very powerful, and inexperienced boaters are at risk. Make sure you follow safety protocols and obey the maritime laws when you decide to go out on your recreational vessel.

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Source: NorthJersey.com, “Retired Passaic cops save 5 in Florida boat accident,” Nicholas Katzban, Feb. 8, 2017