Incredible video has surfaced of two members of the University of Florida bass fishing team being flung from their vessel at roughly 60 miles per hour due to a mechanical failure in the boat. While traveling at these fast speeds in a straight line, the boat suddenly experienced a steering part failure, and you can see the operator of the boat struggle to control the boat and keep it going in that straight line. Soon after wobbling off its course, the boat spins out and sharply tosses the two riders into the water. Thankfully, both the individuals who were flung from the boat were okay.

It is yet another reminder of the potential risks that boaters face when they are using their recreational vehicles out on the water, and it raises two important lessons.

The first is that safety measures are put in place on boaters for a reason. They save lives. In this particular case, a kill switch was triggered when the operator of the vessel was flung from the boat. This caused the propeller to immediately stop. Had it kept going, the flung passengers could have been struck by the propeller or by the boat itself — and the ending on the story could have been very different. The boaters were also wearing life jackets.

The other lesson is that just as negligence on the part of a boater can play a role in a boat accident, so too can mechanical failure. Be careful out on the water, and take care of your boat.

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Source: SB Nation, “College fishing team gets thrown out of boat at almost 60 mph,” Mark Hinog, Jan. 18, 2017