In our last post, we talked about a cruise ship that drifted while at port. As a result of the unfortunate drifting, it collided with another ship. Thankfully, nothing serious appeared to happen, and both ships were cleared to leave port later that day. However, this is just one of myriad possibilities that exemplify the dangers that are present at ports, piers, docks and shipyards all across the country and, really, all around the world.

There are thousands of people that put their lives on the line when they work around heavy shipping containers, powerful lifting equipment, large ships and shipping equipment. They may suffer serious, catastrophic or even fatal injuries as a result of negligence at a pier or dangerous conditions at a shipyard.

Or, they may suffer common injuries that may occur as a result of working a tough, demanding job. For example, back injuries are very common in maritime industries.

There are many ways that a shipyard worker can suffer unfortunate injuries, and what is important in the wake of such injuries is to take stock of your legal situation. You are entitled to compensation if you were harmed under negligent circumstances or if maritime law covers your specific injury and incident.

Given the medical bills, rehabilitation costs and even retraining costs that can accompany an injury, it is imperative to uphold your rights and protect your interests. At The Law Offices of John W. Merting, we can help you with these issues and more as you pursue the compensation you need and deserve.