The source story for today’s post is from Wisconsin, but it involves shipyards and the risks that are inherent to them, so it is applicable to any shipyard in the world. According to the Associated Press, a worker suffered serious burns at a shipyard on Feb. 6, and the worker was still hospitalized as of the writing of our source article (March 6). The individual was working on a vessel at the time of the burn.

Few other details can be gleaned from the story, but what is known is that Fraser Shipyards sent information to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and is working with the agency to deal with this incident and improve the safety of their work environment.

Fraser Shipyards also paid a $700,000 fine recently for an unrelated matter. Apparently employees were being exposed to lead during the repowering and refurbishing of a freighter. Given these two incidents in such a limited frame of time, it will be interesting to see what OSHA does in response to Fraser Shipyards repeated improprieties. 

Shipyards are dangerous places, and the people who are brave enough to work at these locations deserve the best safety equipment, the best training and the most extensive safety procedures to ensure they are as safe as they possibly can be in such a work environment. When a shipyard fails to do this, then any injured worker needs to seriously consider his or her legal situation.

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Source: Sentinel, “Shipyard worker burned in accident,” AP, March 6, 2017