In the vast majority of cases, mishaps on cruise ships amount to no more than inconveniences for passengers.

Still, each year vacationers and crew members suffer serious injuries on cruise ships for a variety of reasons.

What are the most common types of cruise ship accidents?

Vacationing on a cruise ship is an attractive prospect, but the reality is that a lot can go wrong at sea and in port.

Common incidents that lead to injuries on cruise ships include collisions, fires, evacuations, power failures, slip- and trip-and-fall accidents, groundings and sinkings.

Crime is another concern. If the owner of a cruise ship fails to provide adequate security, the owner could be held liable for injuries resulting from an assault onboard.

What should I do if I was injured on a cruise ship?

Regardless of whether you were vacationing on a cruise ship or employed on one, it is important that you do not offer to provide a written or recorded statement to the cruise line management without first consulting an attorney. You can safely assume that, when an injury happens on a cruise ship, the cruise line’s main interest is reducing its liability.

If you give a statement to the cruise line before you talk to an attorney, there is a risk that your statement will be used to shift blame for the accident onto you, or the cruise line will otherwise try to use your statement to minimize the compensation you receive.

If you were working on a cruise ship and suffered a work-related injury, you have rights under the Jones Act, and you should speak with a maritime lawyer as soon as possible about getting the compensation you need. At the Law Offices of John W. Merting, we can provide you with the strong advocacy you need.

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