Our source article today has a video shot by homeowners in Port Everglades, Florida, that shows a cruise ship barreling into the narrow channel in a bizarre fashion, and nearly coming into contact with the shore. The homeowners who shot the video thought that the massive cruise ship was going to collide with their home. Given the awkward angle at which the cruise ship approaches and given the extreme measures the operators of the ship went to in order to avoid colliding with the shorelines demonstrate that the ship’s approach was quite perilous.

According to the union of harbor pilots, strong winds and currents on the day of the incident contributed to the cruise ship’s awkward approach in the channel. Since no “marine casualty” occurred in this incident — which is a term that describes a wide range of possible incidents, not necessary the death of a marine or maritime worker — there will be no investigation into it by the U.S. Coast Guard. It is simply an awkward approach that never went completely awry.

The video and this story exemplifies the risks and dangers associated with operating a cruise ship. These are massive vehicles that are not easy to turn — or to stop their momentum. One wrong decision can lead to a major accident.

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Source: Sun Sentinel, “Cruise ship comes too close to home for Fort Lauderdale couple,” Brett Clarkson, March 8, 2017