There are so many different workers and industries under the umbrella of admiralty and maritime law. There are people that work on oil rigs and massive freighters. There are people that work or travel on cruise ships. There are people that work in shipyards. There are people that own yachts or use personal or recreational watercraft. All of these circumstances can lead to a boating accident or maritime incident that requires legal attention.

One area that may sometimes be forgotten is commercial fishing accidents. People who work on fishing vessels often work long hours with little sleep. They work in conditions that are brutal and they are around heavy and dangerous equipment all of the time. This combination of circumstances inherently makes for a dangerous mix.

Fisherman can be injured, or worse, while out on their jobs because of the circumstances of their work. If a ship isn’t in proper working order, or if the owner of the ship allows negligent or dangerous conditions to persist, then the people aboard the ship may suffer unnecessarily. Those victims should consult with an attorney as soon as possible so their case is fully investigated and to make sure their case proceeds accordingly.

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