While the following story didn’t occur here in Florida, it exemplifies the problems that cruise ships have in general. A cruise ship in Galveston, Texas had to cancel a cruise recently after the ship crashed into a buoy that was under water. The cruise ship was casino themed and had just recently opened. Canceling the cruise certainly isn’t going to help the new ship’s reputation.

There were roughly 100 people on the ship when it crashed into the buoy, and though no one was injured, the ship did suffer damage to its hull. It doesn’t appear that the damage was serious, and the ship should be fine soon.

But even though nothing of consequence happened in this accident, it still shows the problems with cruise ships. Even a slight error by the operator of the vessel could cause colossal problems for the people on board. What if instead of a buoy, the ship struck a rock in shallow waters? What if the crew mishandled the ensuing chaos that would result from it? What if the cruise line is held responsible for the accident?

There are many intricate details involved in any boating accident, but especially a cruise ship accident. If you have been involved in a cruise ship accident, getting an attorney to review your case and see if you have the grounds to file litigation is crucial. The injuries you suffer in a cruise ship accident could entitle you to compensation.

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