Imagine being on a recreational boat for what feels like the millionth time. You have experience boating and you’ve seen many different dangerous situations before, but you’ve always managed to save the situation in some way. But on this day, the conditions simply are too much for you, or your boat, to handle. As a result, you are wound up in a serious boat accident.

This is exactly what happened to four people in California recently, just as it happens to many people every year in the state of Florida. In this particular case, four people were on a small recreational boat that capsized after strong onshore winds toppled their boat when it got caught up in a wave.

The boat was approaching a pier in Redondo Beach, California before a massive wave and some strong winds completely toppled the boat. The four people on board were tossed directly into the path of the boat, but some of the wooden columns supporting the pier blocked the boat, effectively saving them from being crushed by the vessel. It was a very lucky break.

Two of the people suffered injuries, according to one person familiar with the boat accident. If you watch the video in our source article, you will be amazed that more people weren’t injured, or that the injuries weren’t more severe than they were.

Recreational boat accidents are scary moments in any person’s life. If negligence or recklessness was involved, then you must consider your legal options going forward. For help with all aspects of the legal process, turn to the Law Offices of John W. Merting.

Source: KTLA, “‘It Was Unbelievable,’ Witness Says of Survival of 4 Boaters After Vessel Crashes Into Redondo Pier,” Kareen Wynter and Melissa Pamer, March 31, 2017