Carnival Cruise Lines is in the news again after they were sued by a woman who traveled on one of their ships in 2016 and suffered an injury that required surgery.

The case stems from a March 21, 2016 incident where a woman from Indiana slipped and fell on some stairs on a Carnival cruise ship. An uneven or slippery condition on the stairs caused the woman’s slip and fall, as she claims. The woman fractured her ankle and required emergency surgery. 

She filed the lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines in March. She is requesting damages, coverage for legal fees and any other financial relief that the court would see fit to remedy the situation. Without knowing any other details about this incident, it is tough to tell exactly how the case will proceed.

But what we do know is that cruise ships are not flawless. There area many potentially dangerous conditions that could exist on a cruise ship, and there are also plenty of negligent or reckless members of the crew that could affect a traveler’s trip. Even the employees on the cruise ship could fall victim to dangerous condition on a cruise ship.

All of this is to say that when such an incident occurs, it is imperative for the victim — whether they are a vacationing individual or an employee on the cruise ship — to consider their legal options.

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