Two boats crashed into each other on the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, leaving two people with life threatening injuries and two others with injuries that were not life threatening, but nonetheless required hospitalization. The recreational boating accident is still under investigation, but what is clear at this time is that the people riding in the two boats knew each other and were riding together.

It appears that one of the boats was riding in front of the other one, and may have been slowing down. This led to the boat that was trailing the other crashing up and onto the boat in front of it. It is unclear at this time why that occurred, but the police are looking into it.

As always, these recreational boating accidents bring a few things to mind. The first is that if you are out on the seas or in a waterway, you should operate your vehicle safely. Boats are big, powerful vehicles, and people can very easily suffer terrible injuries if the boats they travel on are not operated safely.

Another factor in many boating accidents is alcohol. We need to be clear here: there is no evidence of alcohol playing a factor in this specific accident. But it plays a role in many recreational boat accidents. If you are going out on the water for the day, please do so responsibly. Consuming alcohol and then operating a boat can lead you to getting into serious trouble.

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