A cruise ship accident in the Pacific Northwest left 16 people injured and plenty of questions left unanswered. The incident occurred as a cruise ship, the Norwegian Sky, was entering the Strait of Juan de Fuca which separates Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and Canada’s Vancouver Island. As this occurred, the ship violently jolted to the side, and the ship appeared to be capsizing — though thankfully it did not.

However, what did occur was still serious. Because of the strong shift in the boat’s position on the water, objects came flying off the walls and the people on board were bombarded with them. No serious injuries were reported, but some of the 16 injured people suffered broken bones.

Part of the confusion in the aftermath is what was done when the incident occurred. There are various reports that contradict each other. Some say that the captain made an announcement about technical difficulties, others say that little was said or done. Some reports say that the crew wasn’t doing much about water on the deck or injured passengers, while others claim that the crew was very helpful.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what went on, but clearly something wasn’t expected by the ship’s operators when they approached the strait. What this unexpected event was is unclear at the moment, and we will wait to see what investigators find out about this incident. For the time being, the injured will have to wait for the official report as they consider their legal position.

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Source: ABC News, “16 Injured in Cruise Ship Mishap,” May 21, 2017