Imagine boarding a cruise ship as you prepare to enjoy a long vacation. The wonder of the vessel and being out on the high seas fills you with excitement. You’ve been waiting for this trip to come around for a long time, and now that it’s finally here, you don’t think anything could derail this moment. But shortly after the cruise ship sets sail, an incident does exactly that — the trip is derailed.

Now, you can fill in the blank as to what that incident was. It could have been a collision between the cruise ship and the coastline or the seabed. It could have been an assault on the cruise ship, perpetrated by a fellow passenger or a member of the ship’s crew. It could have been someone falling overboard. It could have been an illness, pathogen or food poising that swept through the cruise ship. No matter what the incident was, there will be questions as to the liability involved in the incident.

Depending on the exact circumstances and the details of the case, the victims of the cruise ship incident could be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Of course, the victims will need legal representation — and that is where we at the Law Offices of John W. Merting can help.

We have handled a wide range of cruise ship accident cases, including illnesses and pathogens that sweep through a vessel, collision between a vessel and another object, and assaults aboard the cruise ship. If you want your case reviewed and are considering litigation, please consult with us.