While the following story did not occur here in Florida, it still exemplifies the stunning dangers that people who work in shipyards face on a daily basis. Today’s story comes from Philadelphia, where a person was killed by falling cargo containers at a shipyard.

A 52-year-old man was the victim of the accident, which seems to show three cargo containers that tipped over and fell on their sides. A white pickup truck was also crushed in the accident. Emergency personnel responded to the scene but few other details were given. At this moment in time, there is no word as to why the containers tipped over and fell on the 52-year-old.

Without any other details here, it is tough to fully discuss this specific case. But we can talk about shipyard accidents in general.

Shipyards are inherently dangerous paces. Massive shipping containers that weigh literal tons are stacked high into the air. Huge, powerful pieces of equipment operate in often cramped places and walkways. Cranes, hooks, machinery and numerous other materials and tools are around. And all of these things can inadvertently be involved in a shipyard accident. If that weren’t enough, we haven’t even brought up the potential for human error at shipyards.

The point is this: shipyards are dangerous places where accidents can occur. When they do happen, the victims and/or their loved ones should consult with an attorney. If negligence is involved in their case, a civil lawsuit could hold the liable party responsible.

Source: The Morning Call, “Falling container kills man in truck at shipping terminal,” AP, July 10, 2017