A boat accident in Miami, Florida left three people with injuries that required hospitalization. Details are a little fuzzy at the moment, but it appears that the boat crashed into a channel marker by the 79th Street Causeway. Emergency responders found the three people on board with serious injuries, including a 14-year-old boy with severe head lacerations. They were all taken aboard a fire rescue boat. One good Samaritan apparently helped one of the people out of the water and back on to their original boat.

The rescue boat then made it ashore before the victims of the accident were transported to ambulances and, eventually, a nearby hospital.

This may not seem like a significant boat accident. In fact, it may seem fairly mundane as a story. But it still holds value as a point of discussion. For example, channel markers are obviously very important for operators of boats to recognize, as they provide crucial navigational support. Failing to recognize or follow these channel markers can make the operator of a boat or vessel liable when two or more boats are involved in a crash.

The other factor with this story that is worth noting is the injuries suffered by the people on board the crashed boat. Boat accident can deal very serious injuries to the people on board, and this harm can be life changing. If negligence is involved or fault can be proven, then the victims in such a boat accident would be wise to consider their legal options.

Source: 7 News Miami, “3 hospitalized after boat accident near 79th Street Causeway,” Aug. 19, 2017