A boating accident in Niceville, Florida left one person dead and two other people with injuries. The accident happened in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 20. It appears that two people were sitting on the bow of a boat when the 34-year-old operator of that boat asked them to get into actual seats on the boat. It was at this moment that the boat struck a large, red channel marker, causing serious damage to the vessel and sending people flying.

One of the people that was flung from the boat, a 24-year-old, was killed. Two other people were injured in the crash but have since been released from the hospital. The accident is under investigation and little else is known at this time.

However, what can be surmised from this wreck is that, given the early morning hours of the wreck, it is likely that it was very difficult for the pilot of the boat to see. It is also possible that alcohol was involved — though that hasn’t been confirmed yet. No matter what was going on the bow of the boat, the pilot of the vessel is supposed to operate his or her boat in a safe and proper manner.

It could be determined in this case that the pilot of the recreational boat was negligent in his operation of the vessel. Many accidents like this happen every year, and the victims (and/or their loved ones) need to consider their rights and legal options in the wake of such an unfortunate incident.

Source: nwfdailynews, “Niceville man killed in boat accident,” Wendy Victoria, July 20, 2017