While the following shipyard accident didn’t happen in Florida (or even the United States) the serious and ultimately fatal nature of the accident makes the incident noteworthy and, thus, important regardless of the country of origin.

An oil tanker that was being constructed in South Korea — and scheduled to be delivered to Greece in October — suddenly exploded last month as four people were working on it. All four of the workers were killed. The victims’ bodies were recovered and investigators were scouring the scene to look for clues as to why this tanker suddenly exploded. Currently, there are no explanations as to why the tanker unexpectedly exploded. Little else is known about the shipyard or the 74,000-ton oil tanker at this time.

Shipyard accidents like this aren’t exactly uncommon. Fatal accidents happen because shipyards are filled with powerful equipment, heavy machinery, and dangerous materials. Working on these shipyards is risky, and if the shipyard itself doesn’t meet safety standards or if employees aren’t properly trained on protocols and safety measures, then serious, catastrophic, or even fatal incidents can occur. These accidents can change lives, or take them away entirely.

Given the incredibly serious nature of shipyard accidents and the incredible risks that shipyard workers take every day, it is imperative for these individuals to consider their rights in the wake of an accident. If you have been wronged by a shipyard accident due to negligence or recklessness on the part of another party, then you should consult with an attorney.

Source: Hindustan Times, “Explosion in oil tank at South Korean shipyard kills 4,” Aug. 20, 2017