A 3-year-old girl slipped off the balcony of a cruise ship recently and suffered injuries that required her to be hospitalized at a U.S. hospital. Thankfully, she was in stable condition aboard the ship after the accident.

According to the story, the girl was with her family on a seven-day cruise to the Bahamas. They were aboard a Carnival cruise ship, and they were returning to Galveston, Texas when the girl fell off a stateroom balcony and down to a lower level on the cruise ship. The girl injured her face in the fall, but few other details about her injuries were made available. Carnival released a statement that mentioned the stable condition of the girl and highlighted the silver lining of the incident.

However, Carnival could be in a lot of hot water here. Obviously there will be some serious questions about the balcony where the incident occurred, and safety concerns will be raised. Was the railing on the balcony safe? Could Carnival have done more to protect the 3-year-old girl from this terrible fall? There will certainly be an investigation and the family in this story could take legal action against Carnival for this traumatic and horrible incident.

Carnival’s woes are compounded by the fact that a 30-year-old woman fell and injured herself on a Carnival cruise ship the day before the 3-year-old girl fell off the balcony. That ship, too, was headed for Galveston.

Source: New York Post, “3-year-old girl airlifted to hospital after fall from cruise ship balcony,” Fox News, Aug. 7, 2017