A terrible boat accident on Lake Panasoffkee in Florida left 14 people with injuries. Sumter County police are working the case, as is the Florida Wildlife and Fish Commission. Unfortunately, at this time, very little is known about the cause of the accident, though initial indications point to a mechanical failure triggering the injuries to the 14 people on the airboat.

If true, the mechanical failure would explain the sudden jostling that caused everyone on board to rattle around and get injured. No one was thrown from the boat, thankfully, but the extensive list of injuries is scary. Two people suffering injuries that left them in critical condition, and three others were left in serious condition as a result of the accident. Five others refused treatment. Only one person on the boat was not injured in the accident.

Airboats are those water vessels with large mechanical fans on the back of them. They are optimal for riding around in marshes, and are quite popular in the state of Florida. In this particular case, it sounds like this was a day trip with a business renting out the boat with an airboat operator.

In any case, we see that even without an airboat colliding with an object or flipping over, serious injuries can still occur. For the victims of any boat accident, may it involve a cruise ship or a recreational vessel, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. There is simply too much at stake to go without one.

Source: Citrus County Chronicle, “Airboat Accident Injures 14,” Julie Gorham, Oct. 24, 2017