We have written about a lot of recreational boating accidents on this blog before, and every time we do, there is the realization that it will happen again. Boating accidents are common here in Florida, and mistakes out on the water are bound to happen. Sometimes freak accidents occur too, but usually human error of some kind plays a role in a boating accident — and these wrecks can claim lives as well as forever change the ones that survive.

Today is no different, sadly. Florida emergency responders made it to a boat accident near Ono Island first recently before Alabama Marine Police took over the investigation. The wreck itself involved a boat being operated by a veteran captain with two other people on board. The captain was killed in the wreck, and the two passengers were released from the hospital after being treated for their injuries.

According to reports, the accident occurred near a sand bar that over the years has become more difficult to see. After hitting the sand bar, the boat flipped over, ejecting the two passengers who were later released from the hospital. The captain, however, didn’t make it.

Recreational boating accidents are going to happen. The circumstances may be a little different every time, but when they do happen, it is critical for the victims and their loved ones to know all the facts and prepare for a possible personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: mynbc15.com, “Well-known local boat captain killed in boating accident,” James Gordon, Sept. 20, 2017