When you hear the phrase “cruise ship accident,” it is likely that you think of a massive disaster like the Costa Concordia or the Titanic. This is understandable to a degree, because these incidents grabs headlines (for obvious reasons) and they stick in our minds more than a minor accident. But the fact of the matter is that cruise ship accidents can be minor in nature — and when these occur, it makes it perfectly clear that even experienced captains of cruise ships can make the silliest mistakes.

The most recent example of a “minor” cruise ship accident comes from Nassau in the Bahamas, where a Disney cruise ship backed directly into a dock. Video of the incident is available in our source article, but we warn you that there is foul language in the video.

The ship slowly backs into the dock, making it appear as though the captain was completely unaware that it was even there. Some minor damage was done to the hull of the ship and no one was injured in the incident, thankfully.

Look, we get it: everyone makes mistakes and everyone is going to have an “off day” at work every now and then. But when it comes to operating large, powerful ships, captains don’t get this luxury. They have to be perfect. When they aren’t they face serious consequences — as do the cruise ship companies.

Source: Kamloops BC Now, “VIDEO: Disney cruise ship crashes while attempting to dock,” Dylan McCullough, Oct. 4, 2017