Admiralty and maritime law covers such a wide array of potential problems, issues, and industries. It is easy to think that this only pertains to ships and vessels at sea — but that isn’t the case. One of the most important areas that admiralty and maritime law covers is shipyards and docks.

These are important places where much of the American economy thrives. There are thousands upon thousands of dock workers, shipyard workers, pier workers, and bridge workers that put their lives on the line everyday they punch their time card. They can suffer terrible injuries that ruin their lives, for a few weeks or for many years. They could even suffer fatal injuries.

Working at a shipyard, dock, pier, or on a bridge requires courage and stamina. These are tough jobs that demand everything from you. When you are injured in this line of work, you may think you have no recourse. But it is in these moments that you need to consider your legal options. You are eligible for workers’ compensation, and if your employer was extremely negligent in relation to your specific accident, then you could sue them for their dangerous and unacceptable behavior.

At the Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A., we take great pride in helping longshoremen, shipyard workers, harbor workers, mariners and their families in the wake of an unfortunate accident. The injuries in these cases can be catastrophic, and we will fight for your rights and interests. If you are in need of legal help, please consult with us.