About a month ago, we wrote a post about a terrible airboat accident that left 14 people with injuries. The wreck occurred here in Florida, but thankfully no one was killed in the crash. Today, though, we have a far more unfortunate airboat accident — one that claimed two lives and left two other people with injuries.

The crash occurred in Brevard County, Florida. Emergency responders from numerous departments descended upon the scene of the accident to try to find the two people who weren’t recovered from the crash. However, they were not found for an extended period, and they drowned as a result. Within minutes of the crash, two other people who were aboard the airboat were recovered.

Investigators for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation are reviewing the accident and trying to determine what caused the airboat to crash. They would not say whether the two people who died were wearing life jackets. But they did make a statement about the use of life jackets and how everyone should wear one when they are out on a boat.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: boating is a dangerous activity. It is also a fun activity, which makes it particularly risky if you aren’t properly operating a vessel or you aren’t respecting the rules out on the water. Please be safe when you go boating, and if you are injured in a boat accident, consider your rights and your legal options.

Source: Florida Today, “FWC: Two bodies found after Brevard airboat crash,” J.D. Gallop Nov. 12, 2017