The Florida Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Commission has data on boating accidents all across the state of Florida, and its 2015 data is very interesting. It shows a stabilizing trend in the number of boating accidents — but there are some very interesting statistics in the report.

The first thing to realize about the intersection between the state of Florida and boating in general is that Florida has the most boating accidents in the nation by far. It isn’t even close. Even if you add together the number of recreational boating accidents for California and New York (the #2 and #3 states for boating accidents, respectively), that number would be substantially lower than Florida’s 671 recreating boating accidents.

What is so interesting about that number is that Minnesota has the second most registered boats in the country (behind Florida), and yet the Land of 10,000 Lakes isn’t even in the top eleven states for recreational boating accidents in 2015. Florida is top on both of those lists. Clearly something is happening here, whether it has to do with enforcement of current laws or more dangerous conditions in our state than our compatriots up north.

The injuries that occur in these boating accidents has remained relatively stable over the last five years, despite a massive drop in the number of injuries in 2014. This is a relatively good thing when you consider that the number of boats registered in the state has steadily increased over that five year period.

Source: Florida Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Commission, “Boating Accidents,” Accessed Nov. 27, 2017