It is always fun going out on the water with your new boat and enjoying a day of sun and waves. Nothing beats the feeling of some warm sunshine while being surrounded by friends on a beautiful day. However, that fun feeling can rapidly change if the operator of a boat isn’t doing so in a safe manner. Unfortunately, it appears that this may have been the case in the Florida Keys recently as a new powerboat tipped over and left four people injured.

One person had to be airlifted to a hospital, while the other three injured people were sent to a different hospital than the person who was airlifted. The extent of their injuries is unknown, and very little else about the crash is known at this time.

One unnamed employee for the manufacturer of the boat said that another employee was on the boat, but he was not sure if that employee was driving. This all happened during a boating event, and it is noted in the article that the boat that tipped over was there for display during a racing weekend.

Whatever the specifics are in this case, they will surely come out soon. Something must have happened on that boat to cause it to tip over. If it was due to negligent operation of the vessel, then the people who were injured could have a substantial case to make against the irresponsible captain.

Source: Miami Herald, “Powerboat flips in the Keys, injuring four people,” Katie Atkins, Nov. 9, 2017