An investigation into a cruise ship accident that occurred in June 2016 has faulted the three navigators in the crew for failing to “properly plan, monitor, and execute” a safe docking in “windy and choppy waters.”

The National Transportation Safety Board investigated the crash, which is the governing body in charge of holding cruise lines responsible when their negligence causes accidents. Details of the accident aren’t overflowing with information, but what we do know is that the cruise ship “Celebrity Infinity,” which is operated by Royal Caribbean, crashed into another vessel in Alaska. No one was injured in the collision, and the ecosystem there was unharmed as no chemicals were spilled. However, the Celebrity Infinity did suffer a 9-inch gash in its hull and the dock itself suffered more than $1 million in damage.

The three navigators all had at least 10 years of experience, and yet here we are talking about an incredibly damaging cruise ship accident that should never have happened.

This story illustrates one important point, and that is that even the most minor and preventable of accidents can occur with experienced personnel on a vessel. It doesn’t matter that someone is experienced or skilled. They can still have a bad day, and this can lead to a catastrophic cruise ship accident.

In the wake of such an incident, the families affected by the accident must consider their legal options and prepare for a battle to uphold their rights and to hold the people responsible liable for their behavior and decisions.