Another day, and another cruise ship story that involves a breakdown of a critical vessel in the Carnival fleet. Today’s story is from Mobile, Alabama, where the Carnival Triumph is begin held for a short amount of time as it receives repairs. The Carnival Triumph was returning to New Orleans from Mexico, but as it returned home it encountered engine issues. It was unable to maintain maximum cruising speed, so it docked at the Mobile port for repairs.

Little else is known about the issue that plagued the Triumph, nor does it really matter for the purposes of this post because the main issue here is that even minor, relatively inconsequential issues like this can create horrible circumstances for people aboard a cruise ship.

A cruise ship that is unable to maintain cruising speed may exceed it’s speed limit, creating an unsafe trip where passengers could fall over and hit dangerous objects due to the unstable nature of the vessel. It can also lead to the vessel tilting in unexpected directions or, worse yet, a collision with another vessel, a port or shipyard, or seaside terrain.

And of course, a collision or technical issue is just one of the many issues that can happen at sea. Cruise ship crew members may not respond to issues in a timely manner, allowing an unsafe condition to persist. Premises liability concerns can be abound. And Assaults and other illegal conduct can occur on a cruise ship. With all of these concerns, the victims need to consider their legal options.

Source: FOX 10, “Carnival Triumph spends time in Mobile for repairs,” Elizabeth Rodil, Dec. 3, 2017