We have talked about the incredible dangers that are present at shipyards in the past. The sheer force of many of the heavy objects that can be found at a shipyard can amputate limbs, deal people serious, life-changing injuries, or even kill people. Shipyards are dangerous places, but they are still important and vital to maritime activities.

Today, we have an unfortunate shipyard story. And even though it is light on details and happened a few months ago, it is still a pertinent and important story.

Our source article is from Virginia, where a man was pinned between a concrete pylon and a tugboat that was being moved for repairs. The man was pinned at his legs, and he suffered life-threatening injuries as a result of the accident. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is investigating the incident.

On a certain level, we are thankful there aren’t more details about this case. It sounds like a brutal injury. However, this exemplifies just how risky it is to work at a shipyard, and the protections workers need at these places. And these protections also extend beyond just the workers too. Sometimes innocent bystanders are hurt at shipyards due to negligence or reckless actions.

We hope that the man in this story fully recovers, and that the OSHA investigation discovers what exactly went wrong. The report could go a long way towards determining if the victim in this accident has a strong legal case to make.