A boat that takes passengers to and from the Florida mainland to an island offshore so that they can gamble at a casino caught fire recently, leaving 49 people in a dire situation that they thankfully escaped. The boat accident happened outside of Port Richey, FL. As it was leaving shore, the boat encountered some technical problems and the operator turned the vessel around to head back to shore.

However, before making it back, the boat burst into flames. 50 people were on board, and 49 made it back safely. Sadly, one passenger passed away after the accident. Some people did suffer smoke inhalation and chest pain after the incident. The fire was dramatic and spread rapidly, as you can see in the video in our source article.

Many accidents like this — where a larger boat is engulfed in flames — lead to serious or even fatal injuries for the people on board. This particular case will be fully investigated and it will be interesting to see what the findings are.

A boat suddenly bursting in to flames clearly seems to indicate a technical or mechanical problem that put dozens of lives at risk. Liability in this case could certainly be placed on the boat operating company that gets people to and from the casino, but before that can be definitively proven, the investigation must run its course.