A 40-year-old man lost his life after his boat crashed against a sand bar near Hemp Key. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation is investigating the crash. The details released so far make it sound like the man was flung from his boat and then run over by the very vehicle he was once controlling. The crash occurred in the early evening, and it took emergency responders a long time to find the boat and access it due to shallow waters.

It is unclear if alcohol was involved in the crash, but it does mark the ninth fatal boat accident in Lee County in 2017. Obviously there is a lot more to learn here, but without more information to fill in the blanks, all we can do is speculate.

One of the most critical takeaways from this story is that sandbars are serious risk to any boater out there. They are difficult to spot and they can cause serious accidents that cause catastrophic injuries or fatal circumstances. And sandbars only one example of serious risks that are difficult to identify out on the water.

People who operate recreational boats, or even larger vessels, need to be especially aware of where they are traveling and what speed they are traveling at. Certain risks in the water can be spotted if they operate their vehicle in a safe manner. If you get into a boat accident and suffer injuries, you should consider your rights and contemplate your next move.

Source: NBC 2, “Fort Myers man ejected, killed in boating accident,” David Belleville, Dec. 18, 2017