The 2018 FLW Tour event on Lake Okeechobee hosted some great fishing by professionals, but it also played host to an accident between two of the boats involved in the event. Little is known about the details of the crash, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is still investigating. What we do know is that the two boats collided at an intersection, and that one of the angler’s was thrown from his boat as a result of the crash. His co-angler also fell into the water.

One of the anglers suffered a back injury and had to be taken to a hospital for his injury. The other angler did not seek medical treatment after the accident.

Here we see even professionals can get into accidents. These are experienced individuals that practically live on the water, and yet they could not avoid a collision between their boats. Now imagine being out on a lake or on the ocean with people who operate their boats on a recreational level. There are bound to be serious accidents as a result of these circumstances, and they do happen far too often.

Recreational boat accidents can have serious consequences for the victims of the wreck. Horrible upper body and lower body injuries can be suffered. Life-changing harm can come to victims of boat accidents. Fatal injuries are also not out of the question. Medical bills can pile up as a result of the accident too, and if negligence was involved in the crash, the victims should consider legal action to help them with their physical and financial pain.

Source: Wired2Fish, “Two Bass Boats Collide on Okeechobee,” Walker Smith, Jan. 26, 2018