Just one day after the authorities had to rescue a person who fell into the Little Manatee River near Tampa, Florida after his boat overturned, another accident on the river has led to the need for the investigators and deputies. This time, two boats collided in an unclear and undefined fashion, leading to one person being killed and two others requiring hospitalization for their injuries.

Little else is known, though the two people on the other boat that was involved in the crash were questioned by investigators. Surely there will be some more news that comes out about this wreck in the future, but for the time being this story reaffirms the many lessons that you can take away from a recreational boating accident.

The most obvious is that even the most relaxing trips out on a boat can turn into nightmares. Boating is a serious activity with dangerous implications if not done properly. You shouldn’t shy away from boating if you enjoy it, of course. But when you are operating a boat, you need to be in the right frame of mind and avoiding any dangerous behaviors or tendencies.

If you drink out on a boat, you put yourself at a huge risk when operating the vessel. The same goes for any speeding or dangerous operation of a boat that violates the law or would run afoul of certain water and landing zones. Treat your fun activity as a serious one, and you can enjoy a safe day out on the water.

Source: News Channel 8, “Man, 75, dies in boat collision on Little Manatee River in Hillsborough County,” Feb. 23, 2018