Two separate incidents on Carnival cruise ships last month left the company reeling from a bunch of a bad publicity. it also left many people with questions about the overall safety of the cruise line.

The first incident happened when a cruise ship was headed for Cozumel, Mexico from New Orleans. On the second day of the five-day cruise, a 44-year-old woman was seen going overboard and the Mexican Navy took over search and rescue operations.

The other incident also involved a woman falling, but in this particular case the woman dropped from the 14th floor down to the 11th floor. She did not survive the fall. The incident occurred on a trip from Jacksonville, Florida to the Bahamas.

Carnival is no stranger to controversies, nor are most cruise liners. Cruise ship accidents often kill people, and there can be other terrible incidents that occur on cruise ships. Food poising, sexual assaults, violent attacks, and many other circumstances could lead to innocent passengers or cruise ship workers suffering horrible injuries or even fatal injuries.

The victims of these accidents, or their loved ones, will be in pain and they will be suffering. It is during these times that they must push through and never give up. By consulting with an experienced maritime and admiralty, your case can be pursued to the fullest extent of the law, and you will have a chance at achieving justice.

Source: TIME, “Separate Carnival Cruise Line Accidents See One Passenger Dead and Another Missing,” Eli Meixler, Jan. 23, 2018