An accident at a shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia has led to an assistant shift tech engineer to suffering serious injuries that left her in critical condition at a nearby hospital. The accident is being investigated, and though there is not too much information regarding the incident, we do know a couple of things. The ship the tech engineer was working on the USS San Francisco, which is a nuclear submarine that is being converted to a moored training ship. It has been at the Portsmouth shipyard since January of last year.

It sounds like the accident may have been a fall, as the tech engineer was trying to “transit a hatch” aboard the submarine. However, until there are more details that come out about this story, it is impossible to know for sure what happened.

In the meantime, this is yet another story that shows just how dangerous it is to work at a shipyard or to be a crew member of a ship or vessel. These are dangerous jobs and dangerous areas, and there are safety expectations that must be upheld to ensure that the brave men and women who faithfully perform their duties in these circumstances are protected.

When a shipyard accident occurs, the investigation into the matter is incredibly important. The findings could be used by the victim of the accident to support his or her claims that the harm they suffered was negligent.

Source: 13 ABC News Now, “Worker injured at Norfolk Naval Shipyard,” Feb. 27, 2018