It feels like a story like the one we are to report on occurs every month or so, and unfortunately here we are yet again. The story in question occurred at a port in Honduras, where a 902-foot cruise liner that is capable of carrying nearly 2,700 people crashed into the rocks near the port after it approached at an unsafe speed.

According to tracking data made available after the accident, the cruise ship was traveling around 13.3 miles per hour during it’s approach, and that the speed eventually dropped to around 10 miles per hour after multiple anchors were deployed to slow the vessel. It is unclear at this time why the captain of the cruise ship was errant in his or her approach, or if the captain was at fault at all. It is possible a mechanical malfunction caused the errant approach, among many other potential circumstances.

While no one was injured in the crash and though the damage to the ship was minor, cruise ship accidents like this are scary and always have the potential to do far more harm than in this particular instance. Cruise ships can injure dozens of people on the shore or on a pier when they crash into the shore, let alone the thousands of people — both passengers and crew members alike — on board the cruise ship.

When these accidents happen, the investigation into the wreck is critical. The information those reports contain could be utilized by the victims of the accident to pursue civil litigation.

Source: NPR, “WATCH: Giant Cruise Ship Smashes Into Dock In Honduras,” Scott Neuman, April 11, 2018