It’s a fun way to get around any beach city. Scooters have become just as easy to rent as they are to drive, but with only a drivers’ license needed to rent one, how safe can they be?

Every year, the tourists flock to Florida’s coastal cities. With them, comes a spike in scooter rentals as visitors look for fun ways to get around the town. There’s another spike that comes along with that. A spike in traffic violations issued by Florida police officers to tourists on scooters.

With an increase in citations, the implication is that people who have never driven a similar vehicle are finding themselves unable to navigate the streets safely.

Time to take action?

More than just the tickets are the accidents. Every year scooter drivers are in traffic accidents as they travel around town. And with a scooter, the likelihood of an injury for at least one person is a near certainty.

It’s gotten to the point where Florida cities are feeling like they need to take action. Just this year, there have been over 800 tickets issued to scooter drivers.

Some cities are looking to ban rental scooter businesses altogether, while others are hoping that limiting the hours when someone can rent a scooter will be enough to curb the issues. So far, all of the planned regulations aren’t scheduled to take effect for a year or more.

Scooting around the town

If you’re going to rent a scooter while on vacation, you’ll want to make sure you do your part to be safe. While people over 21 are not required to wear a helmet, it would still be a good idea. Also, just like in the car, you’ll want to stay focused on driving when you’re on your scooter. Scooter drivers have been spotted falling off their scooters while stopping to take selfies or videos.