Work in a shipyard is similar in many ways to work on a construction site. A lot of the risks are the same, including the risk of injury from the use of heavy equipment.

For instance, one worker was killed while helping a crane operator unload a number of steel beams. The crane was mounted on a truck. They got the beams down and set aside successfully.

After the job was done, one of the rigger’s helpers stood next to the crane, leaning against one of the outriggers. In the process of putting the machine into the stowed position, he got crushed between the outrigger and the crane’s cab.

At first glance, it looks like a freak accident, and it did happen very quickly. However, officials found a number of problems that led to the deadly accident. For one thing, they said that the crane operator needed to make sure he had visual contact with anyone assisting him for the entire job. If he couldn’t see the helper, even for a second, the crane should not move.

On top of that, the crane should have had more warning systems in place. For instance, an audible signal could have told the assistant that the crane was about to move, allowing him to step out of the way.

Finally, there was nothing in place to keep employees from getting dangerously close to the crane. Barricades may have kept people out of the crane’s swing radius, reducing the chances of injury.

This is just one incident, but it helps to illustrate how fast deadly accidents can happen. If you get hurt on the job, make sure you know what legal options you have to seek compensation. Call the Law Offices of John W. Merting for assistance.