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Dangers you may not know about in the cruise industry

If you have not yet been on a cruise, the projected numbers indicate that you may soon be. The Cruise Lines International Association has forecasted that just over 27 million people will go on a cruise in 2018. That number is a five percent increase from the year before. This trend continues a growth for of the cruising industry that expanded 20 percent from 2011 to 2016.

If you have never been on a cruise before or are part of the 20 percent of the U.S. population that has, there are some things about being on a cruise you may want to know.

It is hard to cancel

Unless you have travel insurance, if you get sick or need to cancel for some reason, you may find the cancellation policies to be complex and unforgiving.

Cruises may not use American regulations

Around 90 percent of commercial cruise liners that use U.S. ports are from other countries. Being a foreign ship in International waters means they do not have to follow American regulations that may be stricter.

Cruise ships have morgues

Around 200 people die every year on a cruise ship.

Cruise ships have jails

If a crime is committed on board a ship, the accused is put in an area of the ship call the "brig." While it may not look like a standard jail, usually just a small room with furniture, it is a place someone can be kept until they are handed over to authorities at the next port.

Sickness can spread rapidly

Sickness and viruses can spread quickly on cruises due to close living quarters and shared common areas. The CDC reports that over 90 percent of outbreaks on cruise ships is caused by norovirus.

When problems arise, there is nowhere to go

If any type of emergency or medical outbreak happens, nothing may be solved until you reach a port or be rescued at sea.

You may get left behind

If you are caught on a port excursion and don't make it time, don't expect the captain of the ship to wait around for you. If you head out onto land, remember to bring important items like your passport, identification and credit cards.

People have been reported missing

There have been many unexplained and unsolved instances of people disappearing from a cruise ship. Until these disappearances are solved, speculation will continue about whether they fell overboard or were possibly kidnapped or killed.

You may fall overboard

There are estimates of hundreds of passengers and crew members that have fallen overboard on either a cruise ship or ferry.

Cruise ships can have accidents

We all know about the Titanic. But more recently, in January 2012, a cruise ship off the coast of Tuscany struck a reef. The result of it capsizing and sinking cost 32 people their lives and 64 were injured.

Cruise ships catch on fire

Engine fires have been reported on cruise ships which can generate a lot of dangerous smoke and fire.

Vacationing on a cruise ship can be a relaxing and fulfilling experience that allows you to see some unique parts for the world. However, there are instances when your retreat to a cruise ship from the stresses of daily life can quickly turn into a dangerous getaway.

The Law Offices of John W. Merting assists people who have been injured on cruise ships. Call us if you've been injured.

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